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Your boat is ready at one of our floating docks.

All you need is your rod, reel, tackle, gas, and life jacket.

We furnish 14′ Naden boats and 15 hp motors, padded swivel seats, and all boat equipment–paddles, anchor, landing net and minnow bucket.


REMEMBER: We are a boat in lodge, travel lite and be sure to pack in water proof containers.

Passport and other valid ID
Letter from absentee parent if both parents are not traveling with minor children (Certified)
Medications (if prescription, bring that as well )
Personal Items
Life Jacket
Food and Beverage
Fishing License (We do not sell them in camp)
Fishing Tackle, Rods and Reels
Warm and Cold weather clothes
Rubber boots
Good Rain Gear (Gore Tex)
Paper Products (Towels, Toilet Paper )
Charcoal and lighter fluid
Cooking Oil for fish
Ziploc Bags (assorted sizes)

Woman Lake


Russel Lake: A small spring fed lake with a fantastic fishery. It holds trophy Walleye and Northern. It is an easy portage for anglers wanting to enjoy the excitement of a portage lake and its generally saved for anglers getting on in age. This lake is catch and release only. (No shorelunch)

Narrow Lake: This lake is as close to world class Walleye as the Woman Lake system gets. Its policy is no trophy fish kept and one conservation limit no matter which license you hold for the week. The lake has many springs and sections of the lake are 200 feet deep.

Additional Lakes: The lakes listed below are presently not accessible at this time, but we will be working on improving trail access to these remote lakes.

Slick Lake, Un-named Lake (1st lake North of Narrow Lake), Lark Lake (3rd lake North of Narrow Lake), Skipper Lake, Gussie Lake, Mousseau.

Fishing Picture Gallery

If you are interested in seeing what sort of fish are caught on the lake check out the gallery here.
We are always interested in getting more pictures of our lodge and all the critters caught around it so if you have a great photo from your trip to Woman Lake Lodge, do not hesitate to send it over to Greg Erickson to have it proudly displayed on our site!